Zapacard Terms & Conditions

zapacard is designed to use your existing loyalty card to provide you with custom business actions that can help grow your business. There are some terms and conditions around your use of this service...


You are responsible for meeting all data protection laws in your region and country. For your information this is how we handle the information you give us;

Zapacard stores small snippets of information you send us. This is typically a customers email address. Each one you send us is associated with your business and a date/time. Because we serve multiple businesses it is possible that a single email address can be associated with those businesses to form a bigger picture of the customers habits. However we do not do such correllation.

We are an Irish company and subject to stringent Irish and EU privacy laws.

The data you send us may be stored on multiple servers. These are either located in the EU or meet Safe Harbour requirements

We do not sell you or your customers information to third parties, either individually or anonymised.