Zapacard Privacy Policy

We have a very simple attitude to privacy. Zapacard provides a service to businesses. We collect the minimum of information on the businesses and we don't divulge it. Those businesses in turn provide us with a minimum of their customers information and we also keep that private. That's the short summary, the more formal description is below.

Asterion Software (the operator of zapacard.com) fully respects your right to privacy. This privacy policy states how it collects personal data, what it uses it for, and the rights that you have with regard to this information.

Your Company Information

1. zapacard requires the minimum of information on your business. However it does have information that could identify you, such as email address.

2. All your company information will be kept private. It will not be divulged to any other party without your express permission, unless required by law.

3. If you cancel your account, all private identifying information will be removed from our database. However there may be backups that we are unable to remove the data from.

4. We may combine your information with others in an anonymous manner for promotional or other purposes.

Your Customers Information

1. We do not require any of your customers personal information for you to use zapacard.

2. Should you supply us with identifying information (such as email addresses) you should try to provide the minimum necessary

3. We will not divulge your customers information to any third party, unless required by law.

4. You are responsible for use and protection of the information you provide to us, and for ensuring you meet all applicable local laws.

Cookies & Tracking

We do not directly use cookies or track any visitors. However we do use Google Analytics And Twitter Conversions to give us general information about our visitors to help us better market and design our site.

We do not track any user-identifiable information with this, nor do we share any information with other companies or groups. It is solely anonymised and used to help us better manage our resources.

Google Analytics

We use general Google Analytics. This gives us broad information about our visitors, such as where in the world they come from, whether they are first-time or return visitors etc.

You can learn more about Googles use of this information and opt-out of this at this Google Page.


We use twitter for communication and advertising. To see what ads work we use Twitter Conversions. This uses a small cookie only on the page you reach after signing up for a free trial. This allows us to see what ads work and nothing more. We do not collect any personal information than you provide in the sign-up process.

You can find more information on this Twitter page, along with information on how to op-out across all Twitter accounts.