Just €4.87 per month!

(Yes You Read That Right)

Zapacard has been designed to help you grow your revenue and to do so in the most cost-effective way possible.

Running a business involves a lot of worrying about costs. Growing revenue is important of course but keeping costs low is more important - any money saved is tax-free (unlike profits). And of course if you keep your costs low you are better able to handle downturns and other tough times. For this reason we have kept our fees as low as possible. But cost-effective is more than just low running costs, it's also about minimal investment in both time and capital, as well as maximum benefits. Let's take a closer look...

Keeps Your Costs Low

Existing Loyalty Cards
You've already invested in the expense of loyalty cards. Not only did you have to get them designed and printed but your customers have them and your staff know how they work. Throwing all that out means your investment is wasted. So why do it? Instead we add intelligence to your existing cards, allowing you to make even better use of everything you have already invested in.

Existing Technology
Zapacard works via email. You send us an email once a day and we send you back weekly and monthly reports with business performance and tips (also via email). Our decision to develop this method was driven by our knowledge of the disruption a new technology can bring to a business; new systems to learn, new costs to implement it, ongoing maintenance worries and expenses, etc. Requiring just one email a day (or less) removes all this complexity and allows you to focus on the business itself.

No Training
Staff training is the hidden cost of any business. Because we use your existing loyalty card and email there is no training required. All you need to tell your staff is to collect the customer information.

Brings Valuable Benefits

Action Plans
We collect a small amount of information on each of the cards returned to you. But this raw data is not of much use. What you want are actions. So rather than waste your time having you do the analysis we do it for you. Every week and month you will receive an email showing specific relevant information along with actions you can take. These can be simple things like suggesting you contact specific customers. But whatever we suggest will be something you can do quickly and easily because we know that anything complex or time-consuming is something a busy small-business owner does not have time for.

Promotional Ideas
Along with the tips specific to you we often include more general promotional ideas and examples. These may not be directly relevant to you (though we try to make them as implementation-friendly as possible) but even if not they may help trigger ideas for your business.


Take a free trial and see how zapacard can work for you.

We wouldn't think of asking you to give us even €1 without being sure zapacard will work for you. So try us free for 4 months. There's no credit card necessary and there's no commitment. Just sign up using your email address and we'll create an account for you.
See how it works for 4 months and if you think it is bringing benefits to your business simply sign up for €4.87 per month (cancellable at any time). If not just do nothing and we'll cancel it for you.

Cancel Any Time

Of course there is no commitment. After your free trial is over we ask you for your credit card details and bill you once a month. If you want to cancel simply do so and the account is cancelled from the next billing period. You can cancel during the free trial or at any time later.