Stop Letting Cranks Run

Your Business

Keep customers coming back with an integrated Loyalty and Feedback system that doesn't need you to install any hardware or software. And that gets you information from the non-cranks!

Why Cranks Are Running Your Business

You may not have considered it but you are making business decisions at the whim of cranks.

And cranks are not generally good at running businesses.

Most businesses only feedback comes from the complaints. They use that to decide what needs improvement.  But this is not exactly representative of all your customers so you are wasting time and energy on mainly unimportant things. But if you could collect information from all your customers you would have a better picture - and use time more wisely (you would, wouldn't you?)

How do we know it's mainly cranks who complain?

Because even among those who have a bad experience only 1 in 26 actually make that complaint.

So you're working on the elements of your business that a minority of cranks tell you to. And ignoring the stuff that could make a difference to the majority of your customers..


Because usual methods of tracking customer feeling rely on invasive and infrequent surveys, or on customers volunteering to fill out feedback cards. 

But imagine if you had feedback from ALL your customers!

Zapacard automatically asks customers how their visit to you went and allows the customer to reply quickly and easily. It tracks not just the negative incidents but also the good - and the trend.  

Try It Now

Use your phone's camera to scan the QR code.

Or click on it.

This will open Messenger and allow you to award points from an imaginary premises. 

Zapacard allows you to collect the information unobtrusively because it also includes a Loyalty Platform. 

It allows you to award and redeem points on your schedule and design the program that meets your needs. Decide what a point is worth and when to give them. All you need do is have your customer scan a custom QR code to start the process, enter the points and you're done. We track all the transactions and balances.

Then every few transactions (the number is set by you) we ask how the visit went. The customer clicks one of three options and they're done. There is the option to provide a comment as well but it's not necessary. 

Negative responses are passed to you directly and every month you get a report that tells you whether that customer sentiment is improving or not.


Take the free trial and get your custom QR codes. These are all you need to operate the system. Everything else is worked through Messenger.


Award and Redeem Loyalty points on your own program. Points can be used across all premises in your business or franchise network.


Automatically ask customers for their feedback on their visit. Track sentiment over time and get instantly notified of negative incidents.


A well-designed loyalty program can do any number of things such as build your brand or increase return rates. 

Zapacard allows you to run the program that works for you.


How do you know what your customers think? Do you have a system to find out? Or do you rely on gut?

Most businesses collect either the very bad or very good. But zapacard tells you what the majority of customers think, which lets you fix small issues before they become major problems. 

It does this automatically and without big intrusion.

Better Reviews

Online reviews are now crucial. You can easily ask your happy customers to leave a review. This will increase both your number of reviews and also your ratings.

Fast Start

Our system is designed to be easy from the get-go. Take the free trial now and be awarding points in 5 minutes time.

We will send you some QR codes. All you need to do is print them out and keep them by checkout. No hardware or software required.

Franchise Friendly

Managing reputation across multiple premises is difficult. With zapacard you can monitor and compare customer satisfaction for individual premises. And points awarded in one can be redeemed in another.

No Commitment

Take the 14-day free trial without any credit card. You can use the full power of zapacard during the trial. Then, only if you like, sign up for just $43.95/month.

And cancel at any time you like, no questions asked.

Hassle-Free Customer Retention


Zapacard uses Facebook Messenger. There's no software for you to install or manage and no extra equipment to take up space. And it's intuitive to use.


90% of your customers have Messenger on their phone. This means they can join your rewards program without any paperwork. And there are no apps to download or cards to forget!


You decide the points and rewards.Your customer sees their balance after every transaction and you simply deduct the relevant points for their reward. You can award double points for quiet times or more.


Knowing how your customers feel and being able to get instant feedback is priceless. With Zapacard you can ask customers for their experience on a regular schedule.

Get notified immediately if it's less than perfect.


Do you have a good idea of your  customer sentiment and what to do about it? We will email you a regular report that shows a summary of activity, including feedback. No more having to log in to websites to get overwhelmed by statistics or guess what how your customers feel.


Reviews are now critical for a business. A steady stream of positive reviews will make the difference to how you are found and whether people choose you. With Zapacard when someone gives you good feedback it is a simple process to provide them a link to leave a review.

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