Increase Your Repeat Business in 1 Minute A Day

Powered By Your Existing Loyalty Card...

Are you a small business owner who has implemented a stamp or punch loyalty card?

Would you like to increase the usage rate and use it to get valuable tips that will grow your revenue?

We can not only help you increase the number of customers actually using your cards but also use the cards themselves to gather data. We don't expect you to analyse that data yourself of course - no small business owner has the time - so instead we do the analysis for you and send you suggestions, tips, and promotional ideas direct to your email.

Zapacard can use your existing loyalty card to help your business. It takes a second to try us and it's free for 4 months.

Here's How It Works...

1. Collect Customer Details.

When your customer returns one of your existing loyalty cards take some identifying information (name, email, phone, or twitter handle).

2. Email Us Once a Day

At the end of the day take a minute to email us the information you have collected.

3. Get Analysis And Tips.

We send you reports every week. These contain customised tips and actions that can be implemented in minutes and will directly grow your business. You do them and move on to the rest of your busy day.

Uncertain About Our Service? Not Sure You Would Benefit?


Take a free trial and see how zapacard can work for you.

No credit card necessary and there's no commitment. Just sign up using your email address and we'll create an account for you.
See how it works for 4 months and if you think it is bringing benefits to your business simply sign up for €4.87 per month (cancellable at any time). If not just do nothing and we'll cancel it for you.

Zapacard Is Currently Closed To New Business

Unique Features & Benefits

Existing Loyalty Cards
Continue using your existing loyalty card whether it's cardboard, plastic or electronic. Simply let us know when customers return a completed card or collect their rewards and we will do the rest. No new cards or branding needed.

Existing Technology
Zapacard works via email. You send us an email once a day and we send you back weekly and monthly reports with business performance and tips (also via email). Therefore there is no technology to implement or learn.

No Training
Because we use your existing loyalty card and email there is no training required. All you need to tell your staff is to collect the customer information.

The problem with integrated loyalty solutions is that they collect too much information - and let you to figure out what to do with it. We take a different approach; taking smaller volumes of information, analysing it for you and then sending you reports and simple direct steps you can take to increase your revenue.

Low Cost
Because you use your existing loyalty card and email you save on training and implementation costs as well as time commitment. And at €4.87 per month it's less than two cups of coffee per month.

Small Steps
Zapacard is designed to use your data to provide you with small actions that you can implement quickly and easily. There is no big strategy to implement just direct quick actions that you can complete in minutes. These individual steps will help you to slowly but cumulatively grow your revenue.

Immediate Benefits
The benefits zapacard brings to your business start immediately. Within a week you will get your first report. As time goes on and you send us more information you will get ever more beneficial reports containing more tips and analyses. And with 4 free months it pays for itself from the start.

Complimentary Actions
Because we focus on small direct steps zapacard works alongside your existing strategy. Nothing we suggest will replace your business plans, they just give you small additional actions that you can take at the same time.

Zapacard. Designed For Small Business

Our team at zapacard has both run and advised small businesses. We know the issues you face, particularly the lack of time. For that reason we designed zapacard to be as unobtrusive as possible and to ensure that it brings you the maximum benefit for the lowest cost. There were four key aspects we considered...

Grows Your Business

Works With Your Existing Cards

Values Your Time

Can Be Implemented Today